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My father and his fathers

As far as I know.

  1. Ingram Bromley (presumably about 1700-?)
  2. Ingram Bromley (1728-1820) (the first at Church Farm)
  3. William Bromley (1766-1833)
  4. William Bromley (1803-1865)
  5. John Francis Ingram Bromley (1848-1925)
  6. Arthur William Bromley (1888-1979)
  7. Ronald Arthur Bromley (1918-)
  8. Nigel Ingram Bromley (1954-) (me)

Information here and in the family trees behind the links is taken from Frank Bromley's research together with the various families' collective memories, which I've tried to integrate into a database. Eventually, it would be nice to have an application here that works directly from the database, but for now there are some hand-compiled summary tables.

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