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Descriptions of how the images were produced.

The images scanned on the high-end scanners were typically scanned at 2500 by 1700 pixels (for a 35mm) at 16 bits per colour, then cut down to about 1000 by 680 by 8 bits per colour for viewing on a big calibrated Mac screen, before being cut down again to 640 by 480 or less, and JPEG compressed, for the web page. On most uncalibrated PCs, they look nothing like the original!

As a basic check, here is a scale of grey and primaries. All steps should be visible:

Scanned from a print, on a prototype scanner. The very first reflection copy image off this rig, and the CCD balance was not working properly, hence the black streaks!

Scanned using the same prototype, now working properly, from an APS print. Colour corrected using our proprietory kit, then interpolated down using Photoshop.

A 35mm slide, scanned on a Linotype-Hell Topaz flatbed scanner. Corrected in Linocolor, then re-sized (drastically) in Photoshop.

Also a 35mm slide, also scanned on Topaz. The day was very dull, and the colour balance and tonal range have been tweaked to try to get it a bit more lively.

These were originally taken as prints on a 35mm SLR, then photographed from the print with a Fujifilm DS-7 digital camera.

A DS-7 photo re-sized to 320*240.

This is a full-size, un-edited picture from the Fujifilm DS-7, taken in the village of Yardley Gobion, near Milton Keynes, UK, in February 1997. It shows the limitations of a single-plane 640*480 array, and JPEG compression. It's about 66k.

My "quick" signature, a Greek letter phi, written on paper, scanned with a mono hand scanner, painted yellow.

An APS print, scanned on a prototype mid-range scanner and cut down in Photoshop.

Quick hand-held digicam copies from 10cm prints.

Nigel in body letters. Digital camera shots, cut out and pasted together in Paintshop Pro.

In general, more recent photos tend to be originated on digital camera or saved on CD from digital minilab. Digital imaging is now the consumer mainstream.

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