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Avon and Stratford, spring 1984

polling off
Must be shallow along this bit

A 1-week trip, from the Original Boat Company at Evesham, on the Upper Avon Navigation and parts of the Lower Avon Navigation and the Stratford on Avon canal. The last trip Clive Bowman organised before he died in December 1985. Total 75 miles and 62 locks.


Sun 1984-04-22 {10968}
Easter Day. Start of 1-week Avon trip. Was going to be the ring, but Clive had done it before, and as the weather was so consistently hot we took it easy and did an up-&-down jaunt. 2 boats, starting at Evesham from the Original Boat Company (runners of electric narrow boats as well). We had ordered a large boat, which was unavailable, so we got two smaller ones for the same money. Very hot, sunburn the main problem. Big locks, all different, scavenged for the restoration of the navigation. Today on the Upper Avon. Stop at at George Billington Lock.
Mon 1984-04-23 {10969}
Easter Monday. Lunch stop at EHB lock (E & H Billington). Evening stop at Stratford.
Tue 1984-04-24 {10970}
Stratford full of people gaping at the boats at the lock leading to the Stratford canal basin. One-armed (and one-hooked) person barred our way because we had no licence for the canal, though we thought the boatyard had arranged it. Arguing at first, then mollified and we paid a visitor's licence. Lunch stop on the Stratford at br 65, still in Stratford. Eve stop at br 59, Wilmcote.
Wed 1984-04-25 {10971}
Lunch stop and turn at br 48, Preston Baget. Eve back at br 59.
Thu 1984-04-26 {10972}
Lunchtime at the basin in Stratford. Eve back at EHB lock on the Upper Avon.
Fri 1984-04-27 {10973}
Lunch by the Bridge Inn near Offenham (wire ferry). Then onto the Lower Avon, and eve stop at Pershore, above Pershore lock. Turn here.
Sat 1984-04-28 {10974}
Lunch stop at the moorings above Fladbury. Eve back to the boatyard, and eve in Evesham.
Sun 1984-04-29 {10975}

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