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Grand Union day boat, summer 2002

dayboat opposite pub
Little boat moored opposite a good pub

The previous two trips were overseas, with plastic boats, and we felt a need to reconnect with the world of proper steel boats and steering at the back. A day boat is a short, simple narrowboat, with an open-sided cabin, loo and cooking facilities. In the canal pecking order, day hire boats come lowest. You are assumed to be incompetent, even if proven otherwise. It's amusing to watch. Total 14 miles and no locks.

Diary extracts:

Sun 2002-09-08
A day on the Grand Union, on a day boat, about 9 or 10m, 2-cyl diesel boat from Blisworth Tunnel boats. Start 09h30, and stop at br 26 for lunch at the Narrowboat, sitting in the garden looking down at the boat, then back. Mostly in warm sunshine, except clouding over about half-way back, and a little rain. Boat was about 110L for the day, for 8h, though we got back about 1h early. Small boat is very easy to handle, and can turn in the width. One private boat suddenly decided to try to pass wrong-side, which caused immense confusion and rough words.

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