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Agatha Christie crime and mystery stories

Alphabetical list and summaries

Often North American editions have different titles or different combinations of stories. I've noted those that I have.

  1. 4:50 from Paddington (1957)
  2. A Caribbean Mystery (1964)
  3. After the funeral (1953)
  4. A murder is announced (1950)
  5. A pocket full of rye (1953)
  6. Appointment with death (1938)
  7. At Bertram's Hotel (1965)
  8. By the pricking of my thumbs (1968)
  9. Cards on the table (1936)
  10. Cat among the pigeons (1959)
  11. Crooked House (1949)
  12. Curtain: Poirot's last case (1975)
  13. Dead man's folly (1956)
  14. Death comes as the end (1945)
  15. Death in the clouds (1935)
  16. Death on the Nile (1956)
  17. Destination unknown (1954)
  18. Dumb witness (1937)
  19. Elephants can remember (1972)
  20. Endless night (1967)
  21. Evil under the sun (1941)
  22. Five little pigs (1943)
  23. Hallowe'en party (1969)
  24. Hercule Poirot's Christmas (1938)
  25. Hickory, Dickory, Dock (1955)
  26. Lord Edgware dies (1933)
  27. Miss Marple's final cases (1979)
  28. Mrs McGinty's dead (1952)
  29. Murder in Mesopotamia (1936)
  30. Murder in the mews (1937)
  31. Murder is easy (1939)
  32. Murder on the Orient Express (1934)
  33. Nemesis (1971)
  34. N or M (1941)
  35. One, two, buckle my shoe (1940)
  36. Ordeal by innocence (1958)
  37. Parker Pyne investigates (1934)
  38. Partners in crime (1929)
  39. Passenger to Frankfurt (1970)
  40. Peril at End House (1932)
  41. Poirot investigates (1924)
  42. Poirot's early cases (1974)
  43. Postern of fate (1973)
  44. Sad cypress (1933)
  45. Sleeping murder (1976)
  46. Sparkling cyanide (1945)
  47. Taken at the flood (1948)
  48. Ten little niggers (1939)
  49. The ABC murders (1936)
  50. The adventure of the Christmas pudding (1960)
  51. The big four (1927)
  52. The body in the library (1942)
  53. The clocks (1963)
  54. The hollow (1946)
  55. The hound of death (1933)
  56. The labours of Hercules (1947)
  57. The Listerdale mystery (1934)
  58. The man in the brown suit (1924)
  59. The mirror crack'd from side to side (1962)
  60. The moving finger (1943)
  61. The murder at the vicarage (1930)
  62. The murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)
  63. The murder on the links (1923)
  64. The mysterious affair at Styles (1920)
  65. The mysterious Mr Quin (1930)
  66. The mystery of the Blue Train (1928)
  67. The Pale Horse (1961)
  68. The secret adversary (1922)
  69. The secret of Chimneys (1925)
  70. The Seven Dials mystery (1929)
  71. The Sittaford mystery (1931)
  72. The thirteen problems (1932)
  73. They came to Baghdad (1951)
  74. They do it with mirrors (1952)
  75. Third girl (1966)
  76. Three act tragedy (1935)
  77. Towards zero (1944)
  78. Why didn't they ask Evans? (1934)

Short story index

  1. Miss Marple's final cases
    1. Sanctuary
    2. Strange Jest
    3. Tape-measure Murder
    4. The Case of the Caretaker
    5. The Case of the Perfect Maid
    6. Miss Marple Tells a Story
    7. The Dressmaker's Doll
    8. In A Glass Darkly
  2. Murder in the mews
    1. Murder in the Mews
    2. The Incredible Theft
    3. Dead Man's Mirror
    4. Triangle at Rhodes
  3. Parker Pyne investigates
    1. The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife
    2. The Case of the Discontented Soldier
    3. The Case of the Distressed lady
    4. The Case of the Discontented Husband
    5. The Case of the City Clerk
    6. The Case of the Rich Woman
    7. Have You Got Everything You Want?
    8. The Gate of Baghdad
    9. The House at Shiraz
    10. The Pearl of Price
    11. Death on the Nile
    12. The Oracle at Delphi
  4. Poirot investigates
    1. The Adventure of the "Western Star"
    2. The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor
    3. The Adventure of the Cheap Flat
    4. The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge
    5. The Million Dollar Bond Robbery
    6. The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb
    7. The Jewel Robbery at the "Grand Metropolitan"
    8. The Kidnapped Prime Minister
    9. The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim
    10. The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman
    11. The Case of the Missing Will
  5. Poirot's early cases
    1. The Affair at the Victory Ball
    2. The Adventure of the Clapham Cook
    3. The Cornish Mystery
    4. The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly
    5. The Double Clue
    6. The King of Clubs
    7. The Lemesurier Inheritance
    8. The Lost Mine
    9. The Plymouth Express
    10. The Chocolate Box
    11. The Submarine Plans
    12. The Third-Floor Flat
    13. Double Sin
    14. The Market Basing Mystery
    15. Wasps' Nest
    16. The Veiled Lady
    17. Problem at Sea
    18. How Does Your Garden Grow?
  6. The adventure of the Christmas pudding
    1. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
    2. The Mystery of the Spanish Chest
    3. The Under Dog
    4. Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds
    5. The Dream
    6. Greenshaw's Folly
  7. The hound of death
    1. The Hound of Death
    2. The Red Signal
    3. The Fourth Man
    4. The Gipsy
    5. The Lamp
    6. Wireless
    7. The Witness for the Prosecution
    8. The Mystery of the Blue Jar
    9. The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael
    10. The Call of Wings
    11. The Last Seance
    12. SOS
  8. The Listerdale mystery
    1. The Listerdale Mystery
    2. Philomel Cottage
    3. The Girl in the Train
    4. Sing a Song of Sixpence
    5. The Manhood of Edward Robinson
    6. Accident
    7. Jane in Search of a Job
    8. A Fruitful Sunday
    9. Mr Eastwood's Adventure
    10. The Golden Ball
    11. The Rajah's Emerald
    12. Swan Song
  9. The mysterious Mr Quin
    1. The Coming of Mr Quin
    2. The Shadow on the Glass
    3. At the Bells and Motley
    4. The Sign in the Sky
    5. The Soul of the Croupier
    6. The Man from the Sea
    7. The Voice in the Dark
    8. The Face of Helen
    9. The Dead Harlequin
    10. The Bird with the Broken Wing
    11. The World's End
    12. Harlequin's Lane
  10. The thirteen problems
    1. The Tuesday Night Club
    2. The Idol House of Astarte
    3. Ingots of Gold
    4. The Bloodstained Pavement
    5. Motive v Opportunity
    6. The Thumb Mark of St Peter
    7. The Blue Geranium
    8. The Companion
    9. The Four Suspects
    10. A Christmas Tragedy
    11. The Herb of Death
    12. The Affair at the Bungalow
    13. Death by Drowning

Agatha Christie in French

I have one, Les Indiscrétions d'Hercule Poirot, which is a translation by Yves Massip of After the Funeral in the series Livre de Poche. It has a list of other title, which I reproduce below with the equivalent English title where it can be guessed.

Les Indiscrétions d'Hercule Poirot
After the Funeral
Le Meurtre de Roger Ackroyd
The murder of Roger Ackroyd
Dix Petits Nègres
Ten little niggers
Les Vacances d'Hercule Poirot
Evil under the sun
Le Crime du golf
The murder on the links
Le Vallon
The hollow
Le Noël d'Hercule Poirot
Hercule Poirot's Christmas
Meurtre en Mésopotamie
Murder in Mesopotamia
A.B.C. contre Poirot
The ABC murders
Cartes sur table
Cards on the table
La Mystérieuse affaire de Styles
The mysterious affair at Styles
Cinq petits cochons
Five little pigs
Meurtre au champagne
Sparkling cyanide
Les Sept Cadrans
The Seven Dials mystery
L'affaire Prothéro
The murder at the vicarage
Mr Brown
The secret adversary
Le Train blue
The mystery of the Blue Train
L'Homme au complet marron
The man in the brown suit
Le Couteau sur la Nuque
Lord Edgware dies
La Mort dans les Nuages
Death in the clouds
Le Secret de Chimneys
The secret of Chimneys
La Maison de Péril
Peril at End House
Cinq heures vingt-cinq
The Sittaford mystery
Les Quatre
The big four
Mort sur le Nil
Death on the Nile
Un Cadavre dans la Bibliothèque
The body in the library
Un Meurtre sera commis le...
A murder is announced
Le Chat et les Pigeons
Cat among the pigeons
La Nuit qui ne finit pas
Endless night
Allô, Hercule Poirot
Mrs MacGinty est morte
Mrs McGinty's dead
Un meurtre est-il facile?
Murder is easy
Le Mystère de Listerdale
The Listerdale mystery
La Dernière énigme
Sleeping murder
À l'hôtel Bertram
At Bertram's Hotel
Le Cheval Pâle
The Pale Horse
Mr Quinn en voyage
The mysterious Mr Quin
Poirot résout trois énigmes
Murder in the mews
Je ne suis pas coupable
Sad cypress
Pourquoi pas Evans?
Why didn't they ask Evans?
L'Heure Zéro
Towards zero
Un, Deux, Trois...
One, two, buckle my shoe
N ou M?
N or M
Rendez-vous à Bagdad
They came to Baghdad
Une poignée de seigle
A pocket full of rye
La Plume empoisonnée
The moving finger
La Maison biscornue
Crooked House
Le Train de 16 heures 50
4:50 from Paddington
Le Major parlait trop...
A Caribbean Mystery
Témoin à charge
Le Flux et le reflux
Taken at the flood
Drame en trois actes
Three act tragedy
Poirot joue le jeu
Dead man's folly
La Mort n'est pas a fin
Death comes as the end
Les Pendules
The clocks
Le Crime est notre affaire
Partners in crime
Témoin muet
Dumb witness
Miss Marple au club du mardi
The thirteen problems
Le Club du mardi continue
Une mémoire d'éléphant
Elephants can remember
Rendez-vous avec la mort
Appointment with death
Trois souris
Le miroir se brisa
The mirror crack'd from side to side
Le Retour d'Hercule Poirot
Jeux de glaces
They do it with mirrors
Le Cheval à Bascule
Postern of fate
Pension Vanilos
Hickory, Dickory, Dock
Témoin indésirable
Ordeal by innocence
Associés contre le crime
Partners in crime [again?]
Le Bal de la Victoire
Les Enquêtes d'Hercule Poirot
Poirot investigates
Passager pour Francfort
Passenger to Frankfurt
Poirot quitte la scène
Curtain: Poirot's last case


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